If you can breathe, you can do yoga. It is adaptable and accessible. Ultimately, it is your own, unique practice of yoga.


Kripalu Yoga


Kripalu Yoga is a type of hatha yoga that emphasizes personal growth through yoga. Its gentle and adaptable approach make it accessible for everyone, from strong, flexible athletes to those who are physically limited. The concepts of safety in the postures (non-injury), self-responsibility, and self-observation without judgment are at the core. Props, such as yoga cushions, blankets, belts and blocks are used to support the body as needed, so that postures can be experienced fully and safely. Pain is not a part of yoga and, if experienced, is an indication that practice needs to be modified.

Sustaining the postures appropriately and integrating their effects before transitioning onto the next posture make for a comprehensive experience. Being with sensations that may arise while in the postures, observing them, feeling them, breathing with them, watching what happens and allowing the process to evolve has parallels to being with emotions that arise, and applying the same approach.

The principles of Kripalu Yoga are practiced “on and off” the mat, which means that what is learned on the yoga mat can be applied to the rest of life. This is where the personal growth occurs. The Kripalu approach to yoga encourages moving and exploring the body without forcing. Being gentle with the self supports an incredibly expansive state for personal cultivation. This mindset fits very nicely with companion modalities of massage therapy and work-life coaching.

Some people may be turned off by yoga because they see a fast-paced, gym-style yoga that is very vigorous, aggressive and there is no way that their body can do that. Kripalu Yoga encourages personal growth and transformation through the practice of yoga. It is more inward focused than other types of yoga. It is slower paced, fully adaptable to any ability level, and works with all physical limitations. It is a way to practice being kinder to you. A detailed tutorial program is available for beginners or those looking to go deeper. Themed class, “Self-acceptance through Kripalu Yoga” is a great introduction.

Offerings are on-site for individuals and groups.

It’s a great opportunity for students to feel comfortable finding their own place of safety and exercise personal choice during the practice of yoga.

Areas of specialty:  

*Yoga for Scientists & Engineers, Beginners and Yoga for Men. Available individuals, groups and events.

On-Site Private Yoga Tutorials & Classes

For those who are interested in yoga, but who feel self-conscious learning to move their bodies in a group public setting, or who want to work at their own pace, private classes are a great way to get going! For someone who has never done yoga before, the first tutorial session consists of yoga fundamentals, learning 2 breathing techniques, warm up exercises, detailed instruction of 3-4 yoga poses and an opportunity to put it all together under careful guidance. Subsequent sessions are customized to needs and goals. A single session typically lasts 75 minutes. The rate is the same if there is 1 person or 10. A prepaid package of sessions reduces the cost per session by 20%.


Yoga Programs

Explore aspects of yoga on a deeper level through these specialized yoga programs.

From Beginners Tutorials to Advanced Programs, there is one to meet you right where you are now and provide the next step in your yogic development.

Centered Presence, Ltd. Yoga Programs consist of a series of yoga sessions that are intended to teach and explore certain facets of yoga. Sessions are designed to be taken in sequence so that each session in the program builds upon the preceding. Program sessions are unified by a common topic or theme. A full program description is given for each listed below. If you are interested in a program that is not currently being offered publicly, programs can be scheduled privately.

If you are interested in a Yoga Program that is not currently being offered publicly, programs can be scheduled privately.

Public Yoga Events

On-site Classes

…For Groups / Businesses / Organizations

A series of 10-12 yoga class sessions are offered, typically for groups of 10 or larger.

Parameters, such as class size, content, and cost considerations are negotiated per entity.

Yogic Massage - Michael Patrick

Yogic Massage

An exclusive Centered Presence, Ltd. advanced technique

Combines elements of massage and yoga into a two-hour synergized session.

This is an advanced technique that combines elements of Yoga, Breathing, Warm-ups, Poses, and Elements of massage

 Yogic Coaching

An exclusive Centered Presence, Ltd. advanced technique that combines elements of coaching and yoga into a two-hour transformative session.

Yoga teaches us to be in our bodies, to be with emotions and to be at peace with ourselves. When coming from a yogic place of peace and acceptance, being in full awareness of the body, being comfortable with one's emotions, and especially unpleasant emotions that may arise during a coaching session, that is when the wisdom of yoga can inform coaching. This is the ability to access that deeper wisdom that is normally affected by surface chatter of the mind. Coaching from this place changes everything.

A yogic coaching session is for coaching clients who are experienced yoga practitioners. Yoga is rich with somatic metaphors that can have broader implications in coaching. A session includes all of the elements of a yoga class (pranayama, warm ups, yoga poses, shavasana) and all of the elements of a coaching session (coaching agreement, powerful questions, creating awareness and designing actions). The session is co-created in real time based on feedback and awareness of the client as they determine their best course in the session.

Through the breath and movement of yoga, mental blocks are removed in coaching and a deeper awareness emerges.

This is technique is recommended only for people who have solid experience in practicing yoga and are able to determine, at any given moment, what they need to do for self-care, when they need to pull back, and when it is safe to forge ahead.

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