Finding Your Own Pathway of Personal Growth


Develop a personalized plan of growth from where you are now; establish immediate, short-term and long-term direction.

My work in Centered Presence is a direct result of my own journey of personal growth.

It began with receiving massage, then getting into the practice of yoga, and then recognizing that I needed to make changes in my life and that’s where coaching changed everything. Massage has been an entry point into this whole process, because massage is therapeutic. It can focus on healing the “wounds of the past,” so to speak, like physical injuries, stress, and strains. It gets the body to the place where the body starts to feel normal.  That’s step one, just getting everything out of way feeling like a human being again rather, a tense machine. Massage is a passive entry point. After starting to feel normal again in the body, it is opportunity to start exploring the body. , to move in their body and to explore breath and explore different ways of connecting with the moment, and also adding movements into that. With yoga, there is so much personal growth, so much awareness, it's very, very present-based and, with all of that growth and maturity, that really sets the stage for coaching, which of course is definitely more proactive for the client, more empowering for the client, they take the reins and create future that it is that they're looking for. So this can be a slow and gradual process, and I think that that can be a very lasting pathway, if its explored in a way that allows the person to grow at each step.

Getting into the body - embodiment - is a real way of getting the truth. Getting into the body is a way of cutting through all the mental chatter of what we “should be” doing and instead, feeling when the heart lights up, and when we feel alive. The body actually holds a lot of answers for what is really truly important to us. Massage is one way we learn to feel our bodies.
— Michael Patrick

Yoga changes us from the inside out.

Yoga changes us from the inside out. When done with awareness and integration of its effects -- by taking in what happened, making sense of it within the body and within the self – this is where the process of yoga brings about these inner changes. It prepares clients to be ready for work-life coaching by being able to observe changes that happen within, noticing what is different from their inner world and their outer world, and then through coaching make the changes that are necessary to achieve inner-outer balance. This can be revolutionary and transformative to the individual and those around them.

This has been my personal journey; yours probably will be different. Let’s find your beginning point by taking a snapshot of your life’s scene through this brief questionnaire. Then, we can arrange a free consultation session to see where you’d like to be in your life and create a pathway of personal growth to head in this direction. Don’t worry, you won’t be alone on this journey, I will be there with you as a trusted guide.

Interested in learning more, but not sure where to start?

For guidance in getting started on your personal growth journey, please explore our “You Are Here Now - Your Pathway of Personal Growth Starting Point Locator” and schedule a free consultation to discuss where you’ll begin on your own pathway.

Find out where you are in your life at this moment. This is your starting point. You can think of this little exercise as taking a snapshot of your life's location and a survey of your life's landscape. Once you know where you are, you can set your sights on where you'd like to be and we can explore how you'll get there. Your path is your own. No one can walk it for you, but as a guide, I can walk along with you. Take the first step by being honest with your responses. And remember, it's okay to have fun along the way -- that's the best part! Let's see what you discover. - Michael Patrick, Your Journey Guide

It’s your road, and yours alone. others may walk it with you, but no one can walk it for you.
— Rumi