Clients share their experiences.


Table Massage

Alex describes his first on-site table massage from Centered Presence, Ltd. in Pittsburgh, PA.

Chair Massage Is Wonderful Introduction To Massage Therapy

This was a WONDERFUL experience. The massage exceeded any of my expectations. Michael was extremely professional, friendly and thorough. Being someone who has never gotten a real massage before, hiring Michael was the right choice. He explained every part of the process and the objectives of the massage. The whole massage felt great and relieved a lot of tension in my back; it helped me unwind and de-stress. Afterwards, Michael followed up to make sure I was feeling good after our session. He really cares. The best part was how this session helped me clear my mind and focus on the present. I'm a student in graduate school where life is stressful and hectic. I usually focus on what needs to get done for the future and fail to appreciate the present. This massage session was just what I needed for opening my eyes to the present and living in the moment. I wish I did this sooner!

~ Joseph Mirabile

Michael’s Yoga Programs Finally Made Yoga Come Alive!


My first contact with Michael Patrick was reading his Centered Presence Facebook page. How he presented both his yoga and massage therapy offerings made me feel that I had stumbled onto a real professional who was well trained and compassionate about his work and clients. It would be another two years of reading his Facebook posts though before I actually met him in person! 

As it turned out, Abandoned Pittsburgh Gallery was having an open house. As soon as I walked in, this man stepped out from behind another person and we both had instant Facebook recognition! Michael was there to promote his upcoming yoga tutorial program that was being held at the gallery. His explanation and description of what he would be bringing to the program was even better than the description on his website. I became his student that evening! Through the two 3-week Centered Presence, Ltd. Yoga Programs I attended, I learned more about Kripalu yoga. The best part was gaining the understanding of how to combine the breathing techniques, the poses/movements and the spirituality. These three parts made yoga come alive for me in a way that no other yoga class has ever done. In the other yoga classes I attended, it was all just movement from one pose to another, but there was something missing. 

The missing part was Michael Patrick himself! This man has a passion and is passionate about yoga. It comes across in everything he does for his students/clients. He gives you a lifetime gift of developing your own at-home yoga practice and the ability to center and ground yourself through movement and breathing techniques in order to deal with the everyday stresses we all deal experience. His biggest goal is to give you a path to a healthier life! 

- Donald Mangel

Privately-Scheduled Kripalu Yoga Programs Are “Grade A!”

Tyler shares about completing two privately-scheduled Kripalu Yoga Programs offered by Centered Presence, Ltd.

Positive Changes Began With A Privately-Scheduled Beginner’s Yoga Tutorial Program!

Spending the last four years traveling 80% of my time for work, it isn’t a surprise that I was feeling disconnected from my family, friends, and greater community. Additionally, I had neglected myself from the perspective of wellness for far too long. I knew that I wanted to make changes in my life that would not only improve my health and reconnect me to my world, but I wanted to also to integrate some form of spirituality into my life as well. I just didn’t know what that looked like. I learned of Centered Presence and Michael Patrick by seeing a Facebook post from some friends who attended a recent workshop. This post led me to consider his services.

Michael’s personal story of change resonated with me and I knew that because of his experience that he was the person who I needed to work with through my changes. After meeting Michael to discuss my goals and his services, we agreed that introducing me to Kripalu Yoga through his 6-session Beginner’s Tutorial Program was the perfect place for me to begin. Because my schedule could not accommodate his public yoga tutorial program, I opted to do the program privately. Michael made this very easy for me because we could do this training in my home. Michael’s approach to teaching is very mindful for beginning practitioners of Kripalu yoga. We built my skill during each session. While I thought that yoga would help me increase my flexibility, it did much more than that. Although my flexibility has improved, what has improved is how I approach new ideas and activity with less self-judgment, which this is one of the core hallmarks of Kripalu yoga.

Michael, thank you for opening me up to the practice of Kripalu Yoga. I look forward to working with you on my continued Pathway of Personal Growth!

~ Ron Pontrelli

Kripalu Yoga Beginner’s Tutorial Program Was The Perfect Starting Point

We wanted to try yoga, but were unsure if we — as beginners — would be comfortable and welcome in a class. Michael’s Centered Presence beginner's tutorial series was the perfect starting point for us, with him guiding us every step of the way. The suggested modifications for the more difficult poses were especially helpful. The sessions were a great way to unwind at the end of hectic days, and we look forward to starting our next series of classes to learn and experience even more.

~ Chuck Beard & John Fabac

Work-Life Balance Coaching: Stay-at-Home Mom Returns to Career

I contacted Michael for work-life balance coaching when I was transitioning from being a full-time stay-at-home mother, to beginning a new job as a Ph.D.-level engineer. The new position involved working from home when my children were present and periods of extended travel. I had to balance my needs and my family’s. The biggest obstacle I encountered was that I did not know what was involved in an actual coaching session, what a life coach does, and what I was supposed to bring to the sessions. I found that a life coach helps me focus better on my priorities without judgment and helps guide me to a solution that I develop. I enjoyed the way Michael helps to guide the conversation without offering an opinion on what I should be focusing on or how I should achieve the particular goal we are discussing. He allows ideas to flow organically and, as such, they seem more attainable. I have learned the process of working through a problem, that I am capable of thinking through obstacles on my own, and that I can go to Michael for sessions when I feel stuck. It's nice to know I have someone to turn to. I would recommend Michael; he is caring and wonderful at guiding people through coaching sessions.

~ Evelia Del Sol

Thriving Through The Pathway of Personal Growth

I originally contacted Michael through his Instagram curious about Malas, their meaning, and how they worked with Mantras. After a few messages, he suggested that I try exploring “Finding Your Pathway of Personal Growth.”  It was a quick Likert survey that would help me see where I was in my life. Because I was in Pittsburgh, Michael met with me in person to go over the report. He presented the data in a meaningful way that helped me to see where I was on the spectrum of my life. He then helped me find ways that I could move towards having thriving personal growth. His input was valuable because, while some items on the results I was aware of, others I was not. Michael helped me see a larger picture and how my life fit within it. I would recommend spending this time to anyone seeking a deeper meaning for his or her life. Michael is the one to guide you along.

~ Dean C.

Massage and Yoga Help So Much!

I’ve known Michael for two years, first as his massage client and then as his yoga student. Over time, I have seen how deeply involved Michael is in Kripalu Yoga and his personal growth from it. Even though we have different points of view spiritually, he is very respectful of mine when he teaches yoga. I really appreciate his professional work, his personal relationship, his taking time to listen, his paying attention to my status and problems, and his ability to sense my needs. I simply appreciate his work and how much it helps me.

~ Marian Babjak

Table Massage Improves Sense Of Well-Being

I have enjoyed receiving table massages in my home from Michael for several years. Michael has been very helpful in improving my sense of wellbeing and relieving symptoms of stress that affect the muscles of my back. I appreciate his willingness to be flexible when scheduling appointments. He is punctual and I look forward to seeing him each time. I highly recommend Centered Presence!

~ David Eichelberger

Michael’s Massage Brings Peace To Emotional State

Michael approaches your life from a holistic view. He not only worked to undo a knot on my shoulder but worked to bring peace to my emotional state. He is so approachable and caring.

~ Walter Acevedo, LMT

Massage & Guided Relaxation

After having table massages for over a year, I decided to find out about Michael's other offerings. I selected a session of chair massage, heart-centered relaxation, and finally a body-scan guided relaxation. The massage was a great start and the two guided relaxation sessions took me deeper into myself. I liked how he monitored my reactions and got me to experience a deeper sense of relaxation with his verbal cues. The feeling of relaxation and well-being lasted for days after my session. I highly recommend finding out about Michael's other practices - both for beginners and for those of us who are repeat clients.

~ Joe Brell

Yoga Tutorial Was A Warm, Judgment-Free Environment

I had tried Vinyasa Yoga before, which was fast-paced and moved from one position to the next very quickly. I felt like I didn’t get to enjoy any position and I feared Kripalu Yoga would be similar. But it wasn’t. This is a slower-paced yoga compared to Vinyasa Yoga. Personally, I prefer this type of yoga because I have more of an opportunity to explore my body, make sure I'm in the correct position and feel what the pose has to offer. I really enjoyed that this focuses on being in the pose for a longer time and explore what my body can experience in this phase. Michael created a wonderful session; the warm ups, poses and shavasana were excellent. I really loved the shavasna at the end where I went into a relaxed state and processed all the sensations my body experienced for the session. I feel calmer, physically looser, and less stressed. Class was amazing! As a teacher, Michael is AWESOME! He is extremely supportive and greatly cares about his students. He provides a warm, judgment-free environment.

~ Joseph Mirabile

On-site Table Massage is Exceptional!

I have been receiving table massages from Michael for about two years. Michael is an exceptional masseur and very professional. He listens and will adapt his session to your needs, always ensuring your are comfortable with his pressure and techniques. If you have not had a table massage, I recommend that you reach out to Michael and schedule an on-site session.

~ Bill Haas

Strong Words of Praise From Another Licensed Massage Therapist

I’d like to start by saying that I am a licensed massage therapist myself and Michael’s massage was exceptional! He was very professional and attentive to my needs and concerns. His approach was just what I and my body needed. When I was done, I felt fantastic. Much better than I had in a long time. I have always appreciated a good and thorough massage and Michael did not disappoint. Thank you Michael! Looking forward to my next session with you. 

~ Dave Markovich, LMT

Another Licensed Massage Therapist Is Feeling Grounded and Present

As a massage therapist, I always appreciate the opportunity to work with other practitioners, as the insights and experiences they share are invaluable. Michael goes above and beyond in this regard: he is driven not merely to offer satisfying bodywork, but also ideas that promote personal growth. Whether it was with regard to my wellness or the approach to my practice, Michael has encouraged me to maintain a sense of self-awareness while relating to my questions with his own experience. Whether you want to relax, build (or rebuild) strength, or determine direction in your life, Michael is there to offer guidance if you need it. Above all, he will aid you in becoming grounded and present, which is at the root of healing and growth.

 ~ Kevin King, LMT

Massage, Yoga & Workshops

I’ve been a client of Michael Patrick for over a decade. The massages are awesome! He closes the session with a palliative compression technique that leaves me feeling totally grounded and relaxed. I am also taking his yoga classes that are improving my flexibility and body awareness. Most recently, I attended the mala-making workshop. It was fun and informative. I met some nice people too. If you are looking for someone to elevate you spiritually, emotionally, and to help you physically, then Michael is the one to seek out.

~ Anthony B

Mantra Practice

I went into this practice feeling that I don't have time to do it. I have a tendency to get so wrapped up in my world that I get stressed out. I found that this practice is extremely helpful for de-stressing. The more I do it, the calmer and better I feel. I harbor less anger, frustration and negativity towards others. Positive reinforcement of an idea from the mantra helps the mind incorporate positivity into everyday life. I really enjoyed the mantra, "Treat gently, precious and irreplaceable," because it fits into so many parts of my life. If you feel stressed, unhappy, or angry then the mantra mediation is for you. As I continue to practice it, I am happier and have observed that the way I interact with people has become even better. I think everyone should give this a try, and I don't just mean do the mediation once and quit. It needs to be practiced for a few days before you can fully appreciate all the effects that it has on your mind, body and spirit.

~ Joseph Mirabile

Being More Present Through Breathing Techniques & Guided Relaxation

I had heard about mindfulness breathing techniques and I knew that it meant paying attention, opening up our awareness to what is happening around us, but Michael Patrick gave me the techniques and tools to be present in the moment, and accepting it without judging or for me trying to control it.

— Columbus Christopher Brooks

Kripalu Yoga Workshop Delivers!

The Kripalu Yoga Workshop is utterly amazing. It delivers all it promises and more.

~ Albertina Hughey

Painted Touch Workshop

I really loved the Painted Touch event Michael led. It tapped into my group's playfulness and creativity in ways that created deeper trust and connection. My vulnerability began to look and feel beautiful. It was as if each of us was being celebrated.

~ Marc C.

Self-Care Practices & Kripalu Yoga Workshops

I liked the weekend workshops you offered: Journal Writing, Intro to Kripalu Yoga, and Malas and Mantras. All three taught me techniques I can use to enhance my well-being and health. I have heard of these techniques but have never had the chance to practice them and firm up my skills, really understand them and their uses. I would recommend any or all of them to anyone who would like to add something special to their health practices.

~ Joe Brell

Kripalu Yoga Workshop:  Individual Journey in Self Acceptance

Amazing Workshop

~ Albertina Hughey

Life Coaching and Character

I was privileged to train with Michael during his certification as a life coach. He brings joy to the process of self-discovery and intuits how to gently guide his coaching clients to go deeper into themselves. He offers services that begin from a place of acceptance regardless of someone's sexual or gender identity and with the understanding that each of us has a unique path. You can tell when someone is doing the work he loves—Michael does this in his life, and he helps his clients grow into their futures, too.

~ Tucker Lieberman

Massage Technique Stronger And Better Than Ever!

I just had another massage session with Michael; he has been away from massaging clients after breaking his wrist, but Michael is back and my session today was fantastic!!! Michael’s technique was stronger and better than ever; he does a wonderful job as usual. I have recommended Michael to several friends and colleagues; he listens to what is bothering you and knows exactly how to tailor the best massage and relaxation plan for you. Thanks!!!

~ Columbus Christopher Brooks

Read more about Michael’s rapid, resilient recovery on the blog.

Work-Life Coaching: Handling career frustrations and hectic family life

I explored coaching because I was not happy in my work/life situation and realized that I needed help to change it. I felt frustrated and irritated with my current job position. My family would tell me that I am miserable. I wanted to change, but there were SO many life distractions, which easily became excuses. Once I recognized I wanted to change and that I wanted something better for myself, I could also recognize that I needed help with "change." At first, I was not sure what to expect hiring a coach and what would occur during the coaching sessions. I appreciated Michael’s flexibility with meeting times and willingness to hold virtual meetings. He made the sessions so easy and comfortable. I had no hesitations sharing my thoughts, goals, road blocks and fears. The sessions helped me view my goals in a different way, challenging me to change my perspective, find new ways to motivate myself and to really face some of the harder issues I had been avoiding. And we did it through the course of comfortable conversation. It was like talking with my best friend instead of someone I just met.

I really liked the questions he asked during the sessions; the hard questions, the questions I was too afraid to ask myself. The type of questions that made me pause before I answered, but once I did, there was a weight lifted off of my shoulders. Michael helped me see that there is nothing to fear about asking the hard questions. His techniques and abilities are so refined I never felt like I was being analyzed. It was very easy to share my feelings knowing I was not being judged or viewed differently.

One of the best concepts to come out of my coaching was to "identify who I want to be and know that it is the right answer." I discovered new things about myself; I am finally focusing on my happiness/wellness. I gained a different level of confidence knowing that I have faced the hard questions and survived. Self discovery is such an important part of personal happiness. I have enjoyed and continue to enjoy having Michael along on my journey. He has really helped me discover so much about myself and held me accountable....which I REALLY need in my life right now.

~ Veronica C.

Yogic Massage

If you practice yoga you know how great it feels at the end of shavasana: joints are looser, muscle tension is relieved, the body feels more balanced, breath is deep and easy. Now imagine that you’re about to continue right into a full body massage. What could be better, right?

Michael’s Yogic Massage is just that. He provides a yoga session that addresses your specific goals. He checks in frequently and continually adjusts the course of the session based on your feedback and needs. He does spot massages on problem areas along the way to enhance the effect of the yoga. When the time is right, he moves the session to the massage table. While the client is on the table Michael utilizes modified yoga poses to allow his massage to be very targeted and effective.

This is a great therapy for athletes or anyone who wants to take an active role in improving the comfort and performance of their body.

~ Don Wolfkill

Bundled Services

The people served by our organization have greatly benefited from Centered Presence's services. Whether providing life coaching, yoga, or massages, Michael provides exceptional individualized attention and services. As a non-profit, we are especially grateful for Michael's willingness to provide bundled services, which helps to reduce the cost, and keeps things affordable for us. Our clients have benefited mentally, physically, and spiritually from Michael's expertise and skill. We highly recommend Centered Presence!

~ Dan W., non-profit organization director

Started With Chair Massage, Then Moved Into Yoga & Coaching

My first experience with Centered Presence was chair massage. As i had never had one before, I didn't know what to expect. I quickly found that it helped me to relax; which I guess was what it was supposed to do. What I didn't expect was in the days that followed, I was in a much better place; calm, less stressed and just a little happier overall. I definitely looked forward to additional chair massages.

From there, I moved to yoga. Another experience of not knowing what to expect, I found that it was by far nothing to be intimidated by and it too allowed me time to relax, to breathe and to think. I thought Michael was a good teacher, easy to follow and very accommodating.

Then went into (with some overlap of the yoga) to work-life coaching. It was good to be able to reflect on where I had been and where I might be going. Michael coached me into looking at life's idiosyncrasies in a different light and to see how I looked at life and my work from a fresh perspective. It helped me to find a little more of myself in the process. 

All three of these helped me in similar as well as in different ways.. and because of that, I think my life and well-being is all the better for it. Thanks, Michael!

~ Jerry W.


Touch Practice Invited Living More Fully

Years of hiding my sexuality from the world created habits that assured my attraction to men would be hidden from the world. Unfortunately, those habits grew and impacted everything in my life. Hiding was my first reaction to life – especially from men I found attractive. Michael guided me through a process that set aside that built-in shame and gently opened an internal awareness of new ways of living fully and mindfully. Touch practice was exactly what I needed to take the next steps to being fully myself and to be able to live consciously in my body. It gave me a new sense of self-awareness and peace, even confidence, in myself that has contributed to the multitude of major life enhancements I’ve experienced since then.

~ Steve A.

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