On-Site Massage Therapy

Connecting with the body senses is a way to connect with the present moment.


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Chair Massage: *

Chair massage incorporates the techniques of traditional Swedish massage. Clients are fully clothed and no oils or lotions are used. This can be done in virtually any setting. Massage duration is generally brief (5-30 minutes), but even with a 5 minute massage, positive effects such as calming, centering, and muscle relaxation, are experienced.

*Available individuals, groups and events Sessions are 30-60 minutes long; clients are fully clothed, no oils or lotions are used. It typically focuses on the neck, back and shoulders, but can be expanded to both sides of the body, including the arms and legs.

Compassion is at the heart of my practice. Helping clients find their own self-compassion through therapeutic massage touch results in a kinder, gentler way of life.
— Michael Patrick
We can’t underestimate the power of touch. It gives a sense of reassurance; that it is going to be okay, even if at the moment, it is not. That sense of hope is incredibly powerful to the human spirit. Touch is an extraordinary communicator.
— Michael Patrick

Table Massage:

Table massage uses oils, lotions, or creams to administer the massage strokes. Clients are draped during massage and can undress to their comfort level underneath the sheet. Only the body area being worked on at the time is uncovered and respect for client privacy is ensured. Massage duration is generally 60-90 minutes allowing for focus on problem areas and a more complete integration of mind and body. This service is available to current individual clients at residential or workplace settings.

New table massage clients are accepted through referral by existing clients, through previous interaction, or through discussion and mutual agreement that the aims and intent of the massage seeker match the skill and focus of the massage provider.


Palliative Massage:

Palliative massage - Very light, comforting touch. It is slow and gentle; soothing and still. It is suitable for people who have medical conditions where traditional massage would not be indicated. The purpose of this treatment is to simply feel better and to experience the benefit of human touch. It can be done in any environment, such as a hospital bed, a lounge chair at home, or in a hospice setting, and can be done so that it doesn’t interfere with medical apparatus. Depending on client condition and stamina, sessions can range from 20-60 minutes.

Increased body-mind-spirit awareness becomes increased life awareness. My approach to massage ultimately helps my clients make healthier lifestyle choices that cause them to better their own lives.
— Michael Patrick