Pay attention to your breathing. Aim for long, slow, rhythmic, even breaths. Listen to the sound of your breath. Let it become like the sound of the ocean waves; constant and steady.

With the stress of life and work weighing down, true relaxation can be hard to uncover. A guided relaxation session helps one center in on the present moment void of distraction. A session is typically 10-30 minutes long and coupled with a second service. Clients lay on a yoga mat and blankets and bolsters can be used as needed.

Different modules can be selected to create a session that ranges from 30-90 minutes. These are a great way to become more embodied and at peace in your own skin, and develop your own grounding and centering practice to do at home. These couple well with Self-Care Practices (link)

    • Heart Centered Guided Relaxation - balances mind, body & spirit using your own hands and presence.

    • Body Scan Guided Relaxation - brings awareness to the entire body as the mind surrenders to rest.

    • Visualization Guided Relaxation - utilizes the imaginative mind to create peaceful states.

*Available individuals, groups and events