Elevate yourself off the massage table

Elevate yourself off the massage table

If you think On-Site Table Massage from Centered Presence, Ltd. is the best thing we have to offer, think again. Our Additional Services elevate in long-lasting and life-changing ways!

Guided Relaxations - are done lying on a yoga mat, and involve directed breathing, body awareness and centering practices; they are done without any touch, just spoken prompts. Modules offered:

  • Heart-Centered Guided Relaxation – balances mind, body & spirit using your own hands and presence.

  • Body-Scan Guided Relaxation – brings awareness to the entire body as the mind surrenders to rest.

  • Visualization Guided Relaxation - utilizes the imaginative mind to create peaceful states.

Mantra Practice - quiets the mind and cultivates inner peace through statements spoken repeatedly. Mantras from various traditions are provided. Additionally, clients can craft personal mantras using guidelines and suggestions given. This powerful practice is introduced using a hand-made mala that clients keep afterward to continue practicing. This module is both a Self Care Practice and a Specialized Coaching Practice.

Self Care Practices - are tools that you can use to ground and center yourself. When more options are available to elevate our states, we are better able to thrive and be resilient. While each practice is presented with brief instruction, experience and subsequent incorporation are accentuated.

  • Breathing Techniques – learn and practice yogic and other ways of breathing to become more embodied, peaceful and present.

  • Combining Breath & Gentle Movement – awakens mind-body awareness and creates a state of relaxed fluidity through three breathing techniques and simple, gentle movements.

  • Low-Back & Hip Mobilization – relieves the tension from too much daily sitting through rhythmic movement.

  • Meditative Walking – brings embodiment and motion to quiet the mind; it is a nice complement to mantra practice.

  • Chanting Om Practice - explore the power of vibration and resonance by expanding this “yoga class closer” into a full practice of its own. Open and awaken.

  • Working with Chakras – I describe chakras as “regions where the mind, body and spirit intersect.” Learn about and how to work with them. This module couples nicely with Heart-Centered Guided Relaxation.

  • Silent Contemplation – learn how to settle the “mud of the mind” through silence for clarity, insight and focus.

  • Journal Writing – capture insights and develop a daily practice. This couples nicely with Silent Contemplation.

Specialized Coaching Practices - are designed to bring your innermost authentic self forward in work and life.

  • Narrative Coaching – make shifts in identity and perspective using your own stories and, as a result, resolve issues at a number of levels.

  • Metaphor Magic Coaching – through the use of symbolic objects, clients can move through complex and interconnected situations with clarity and resolve.

  • Yogic Coaching – this exclusive Centered Presence, Ltd. offering combines elements of yoga and coaching in a transforming 2-hour session!

  • Creating Mantras – in conjunction with coaching aims, new mantras are created in support of your becoming through the practice of aligning thoughts with higher intention.

Kripalu Yoga - encourages personal growth and transformation through the practice of yoga. It is more inward focused than other types of yoga. It is slower paced, fully adaptable to any ability level, and works with all physical limitations. It is a way to practice being kinder to you. A detailed tutorial program is available for beginners or those looking to go deeper. Themed class, “Self-acceptance through Kripalu Yoga” is a great introduction. Offerings are on-site for individuals and groups.

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