Pathway Supporting Services

Our services are designed to elevate.  There are so many to choose from!


Guided Services

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Provide the opportunity to become acquainted with and explore new life practices in a safe, in-depth and experiential way.


Guided Relaxation

Uses spoken prompts to enter into a tranquil state through directed breathing, body awareness and centering practices to foster inner peace.


Self Care Practices

Tools that you can use to ground and center yourself as part of your every day living.


Advanced Techniques


Yogic Massage

An exclusive Centered Presence, Ltd. advanced technique that combines elements of massage and yoga into a two-hour synergized session.


Yogic Coaching

An exclusive Centered Presence, Ltd. advanced technique that combines elements of coaching and yoga into a two-hour transformative session.

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Touch Practice

A partner practice that fosters profound intimacy through focus, presence, touch and deep empathy.



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Rest, relax and explore new growth edges through themed and customized retreats.


At Home Mini-Retreats

At Home Mini-Retreats are customized to meet you where you are, recharge you and open your next phase, in the comfort of your location.

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Explore personal growth content online, at your convenience.





Mentoring one-on-one or in small groups can inspire navigating non-traditional career journeys, bodywork careers, mind-body-spirit life integration for scientists and engineers, and modeling the role of the masculine nurturer.


Public Speaking

Public Speaking at the intersection of science, engineering, wellness and personal growth, there is ample opportunity to share from formal education and experience through a talk customized to your group’s needs


Bundled Services

Bundled Services for individual clients and organizations, where two or more modalities or services are provided together at a discount.


Workshops, Retreats, & Special Events