Centered Presence at GNI Gathering 2019


Centered Presence, Ltd. Founder, Michael Patrick, is a Well-Being Innovator and is sharing his FREE and paid professional services with the GNI Community at camp.

Visit me at my Well-Being Services Tent!

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Allow your time at camp to be all that it can be!

As a way to help elevate the experience of campers even more at this year’s Gathering, GNI has enabled me to share my skills and talents with the GNI community by allowing me to provide my professional well-being services on the campground.

Here Are 6 Different Ways To Elevate Your Well-Being While At Camp!


Feeling agitated or anxious?

Relax Your Mind through Guided Relaxation.


Feeling sore from too much or too strenuous activity?

Have you been having chronic difficulty sleeping?

Do you need to feel more in touch with your body again?

Recover Your Body Through Massage Therapy.


Do you feel stagnant or caught up in a cycle of negative thinking?

Looking to reignite your creative fire?

Renew Your Spirit Through Mala Making & Mantra/Affirmation Practice.


Feeling disconnected from yourself and others?

Rediscover Your Heart Through Touch Practice.


Feeling stuck?

Does something need to change in your life or career, but you just can’t identify what to do, let alone how to get there?

Reinvent Your Self Through Work-Life Coaching.


Do you feel like you are just surviving in some areas of your life, maybe even wilting or withering?

Wouldn’t it be nice to blossom and thrive in all areas of your life?

Redirect Your Life By Finding Your Pathway of Personal Growth.

Paying Attention to your Well-Being changes everything!

These offerings will help you address:

  • stress

  • insomnia

  • overuse

  • muscle strain

  • distraction

  • negative moods

  • isolation from other men

  • confusion

  • indecision

  • feeling like something is missing in life.

    These offerings will bring you:

  • calm

  • balance

  • focus

  • direction

  • contentment

  • connection

Whatever your desired level of engagement, you will be sure to find something that meets you right where you are during your camp experience.

  • Some of these services are experiences simply meant to be received and enjoyed (Guided Relaxation, Massage Therapy).

  • Some are more participatory in nature and are co-created together to open your awareness (Making Malas, Mantra/Affirmation Practice, Touch Practice)

  • Others invite courageous exploration, done with the aid of a compassionate and skilled guide (Work-Life Coaching and Finding Your Pathway of Personal Growth).

To make it easy to find me whenever you would like to give some more attention to your well-being, I am setting up the Centered Presence Services Canopy Tent at camp!

I invite you to visit me at the tent. We can talk about which services and techniques might be most beneficial to you and then discuss how you’d like to fit them into your camp experience.

Look for the Centered Presence Services Canopy Tent on the campgrounds. Please free to stop by and say, “Hello.” Elevating interactions are always welcome!

Read more about the services below.

I’m looking forward to meeting you!

Michael Patrick, Founder

Centered Presence Ltd.

Visit the Centered Presence Services Tent.

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If you’d like to schedule a session, I’ve made it convenient for you to reach me. CALL/ TEXT, EMAIL or STOP BY THE TENT!


Services Offered At Camp!

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Tent Location: near Cabin I5

To find the Centered Presence Well-Being Services Tent, go toward the Volleyball Court, pass the Lower Fire Pit and you’ll see it in the field on the left.


Look for a white canopy tent bearing this sign!

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August 17-24, 2019

Daily 10 AM - 9 PM*

* Sessions are by appointment. The services tent may be closed or unavailable while I am in session or during meal times.


Centered Presence Well-Being Menu of Offerings


 Payment Methods

You can pay for Centered Presences Services & Products by cash, credit card (through this website), PayPal, or make arrangements for invoiced billing to pay by check once you return home from camp.


 Enjoy the GNI Community!

If you haven’t registered yet for the 2019 Gathering, or would like to know about other happenings at camp, visit the GNI Website.


Description of Services


Relax Your Mind Through Guided Relaxation.

If you are feeling agitated or anxious, give your self permission to relax into a deeper state.

Guided Relaxation uses spoken prompts to enter into a tranquil state through directed breathing, body awareness and centering practices to foster inner peace.


Heart-Centered Guided Relaxation

Balances mind, body & spirit using your own hands and presence.

Body-Scan Guided Relaxation

Brings awareness to the entire body as the mind surrenders to rest.

Visualization Guided Relaxation

Utilizes the imaginative mind to create peaceful states.

Guided relaxation sessions took me deeper into myself and helped me give myself permission to let go. I liked how Michael monitored my reactions and got me to experience a deeper sense of relaxation with his verbal cues. The feeling of relaxation and well-being lasted for days after my session.
— Joe Brell

 Recover Your Body Through Massage Therapy.

Feeling sore from too much or too strenuous activity? Have you been having chronic difficulty sleeping? Maybe you just need to feel more in touch with your body again?

Massage Therapy works with the soft-tissues of the body to promote the body’s natural recovery process and to alleviate symptoms from acute and chronic conditions, including pain, insomnia, stress, anxiety, and depression.

As a Licensed Massage Therapist (in PA #MSG001701 and OH #16031) and a Nationally Registered Healthcare Provider (1932610888), I offer professional massage therapy that ranges from heavy pressure (deep tissue) to light pressure (palliative) massage. To ensure Massage Therapy is administered appropriately, I utilize a confidential intake form for new clients and a pre-session discussion for all clients.

Copy of ON-SIte Massage - Centered Presence, LTD

Massage Therapy Services

60-Minute Table Massage

75-Minute Table Massage

90-Minute Table Massage

I’d like to start by saying that I am a licensed massage therapist myself and Michael’s massage was exceptional! He was very professional and attentive to my needs and concerns. His approach was just what I and my body needed. When I was done, I felt fantastic. Much better than I had in a long time.
— Dave Markovich, LMT

 Renew Your Spirit Through Mala Making & Mantra/ Affirmation Practice.

When you feel stagnant or caught up in a cycle of negative thinking, disrupt this pattern with mantra practice.

Express yourself and reignite your creative fire by making your own malas. Create your own mantras and affirmations to feel positively more empowered.

This practice is suitable for everyone regardless of religious affiliation or non-affiliation.


What is Mantra Practice?

Mantras, or affirmations, are simply positive statements that are spoken repeatedly. Mantra practice adds synchronization of the breath and the speaking of the mantra with a form of embodiment such as using mala beads or one’s fingers to move through the practice. Mantra Practice is meditative; it quiets the mind and cultivates inner peace. It can also help replace destructive, negative thought patterns with more generative, positive ones.

What are Malas?

Malas are decorative strings of beads that are used to track position when moving through mantra practice. “Mala” means “garland” and is a loop of beads held together with string, usually 27 or 108 beads, a joining bead and a decorative tassel. As the mantra is spoken, the beads are cycled through. This frees the mind from having to count. The coordinating of speaking the mantra with the movement of the hand on the bead introduces an embodiment and focus to the practice.


Mantra / Affirmation Practice

Stop by the Centered Presence Services Tent and learn mantra practice using mala beads. Malas will be available to use during practice. They can be purchased after you’ve practiced, new ones custom-made at camp / ordered online, or you can make your own at camp (see the next section)! Mantra Practice can be introduced with a simple, universal mantra known worldwide, “May peace prevail on earth.”

Create your own Mantras / Affirmations

You can select mantras to support your personal intentions. Specific mantras have been used in many traditions, but you can create your own too. A well-crafted mantra can support developing the ways of being that support highest intentions of the type of person we want to become. I’ll be happy to guide you in crafting your own personal mantras and affirmations.

I found that mantra practice is extremely helpful for de-stressing. The more I do it, the calmer and better I feel. I harbor less anger, frustration and negativity towards others. Positive reinforcement of an idea from the mantra helps the mind incorporate positivity into everyday life. As I continue to practice it, I am happier and have observed that the way I interact with people has become even better.
— Joseph Mirabile

Make your own Malas!


Spark your artistic creativity and introduce self-affirming mantra practice in a fun, tangible way by making you own malas.

Starting with raw materials of beads, string, thread and tassels, you can assemble your own. I’ll show you how! You can choose the bead and tassel colors to personalize yours. Making the bead string becomes part of the practice.

Even if you don’t use the mala for actual mantra practice, you’ve created a beautiful one-of-a-kind souvenir from this year’s camp!

Making malas was fun! I got to express my creative side, make something with my hands, and learn a valuable spiritual practice that has given me a more positive outlook on life.
— Anthony B. from Pennsylvania

Rediscover Your Heart Through Touch Practice.

Feeling disconnected from others and yourself? Learn a ritual of opening to another, sharing non-sexual intimacy and returning to a more satisfied and fulfilled version of yourself.

Touch Practice Sessions


Touch Practice is a partner practice that fosters profound intimacy through focus, presence, touch and deep empathy. It combines awareness and intention with touch. It results in personal growth and wholeness.  In the words of Touch Practice creator Kevin Smith, “it follows a prescribed form, like a ritual, with an introduction, a main section and a conclusion, yet each session is as unique as the individuals who co-create it. Touch Practice provides for a non-sexual engagement between men regardless of sexual orientation or relationship status. Boundaries can be as restrictive as necessary to provide a sense of safety for each partner. Regardless of the presence or degree of erotic energy between partners, Touch Practice as we define the phrase here never becomes sexual behavior.”

Learn how to fully open yourself to another person’s presence, experience non-sexual intimacy, and then return to your own sense of self.

Individual Sessions – These include a consultation, explanation of the practice boundaries and concepts, the flow of a typical session, the session itself, post-session discussion and a follow up discussion after the practice has had time to settle and be integrated. Due to professional boundaries, this service is not available for massage clients, yoga students or coaching clients; however, Guided Partner Sessions or Touch Practice workshops/retreats are.

Years of hiding my sexuality from the world created habits that assured my attraction to men would be hidden from the world. Unfortunately, those habits grew and impacted everything in my life. Hiding was my first reaction to life – especially from men I found attractive. Michael guided me through a process that set aside that built-in shame and gently opened an internal awareness of new ways of living fully and mindfully. Touch practice was exactly what I needed to take the next steps to being fully myself and to be able to live consciously in my body. It gave me a new sense of self-awareness and peace, even confidence, in myself that has contributed to the multitude of major life enhancements I’ve experienced since then.
— Steve A. from Maine

 Reinvent Your Self Through Work-Life Coaching.

Feeling stuck? Like something needs to change in your life or career, but you just can’t identify what to do, let alone how to get there? Work-Life Coaching can bring clarity to your confusion, direction to your wandering and inspired action to your procrastination.

Coaching is a process of focused inquiry that produces clarity, awareness and empowers you as the client to take actions that produce transformative results.

Gay Men need Gay Coaches! I am both of them. I trained in the first-ever ICF-accredited Coach Training Program geared toward addressing the specific needs of Gay Men. When you feel at ease to talk about the totality of your life, that’s when authenticity can do its powerful work!


Work-Life Coaching.

Coaching Sessions empower you to live out your answers to the profound questions, “What kind of person do I want to be? What impact do I want to make?” and take action to realize your highest potential in work and in life. Some examples of people seeking coaching include those looking to…

  • Make a major change, but are uncertain what that change is

  • Create a future that at the present time seems impossible

  • Successfully transition into a new job, retirement, or other life role

  • Create a new future, reach their highest potential, and make a difference in the world

A typical coaching session usually lasts hour and begins with you defining exactly what you want to accomplish during the coaching session. This is something that is important to you, is measurable and would yield a breakthrough. As your coach, I guide the mechanics of the coaching session, but you determine what to explore and how you want to be in relation to your situation. I will ask thought-provoking questions that require you to dig deep within to find out what is meaningful you and what you envision for the future of your project or your life.

Coaching was good for me to be able to reflect on where I had been and where I might be going. Michael coached me into looking at life’s idiosyncrasies in a different light and to see how I looked at life and my work from a fresh perspective. It helped me to find a little more of myself in the process.
— Jerry w. from Ohio

Redirect Your Life By Finding Your Pathway of Personal Growth.

Do you feel like you are just surviving in some areas of your life? Maybe you are even wilting or withering in others. Wouldn’t it be nice to blossom and thrive in all areas of your life?

See the full picture of your life and concentrate your energy on those areas of your life that will help all of your thrive!


Find Your Pathway of Personal Growth Assessments and FREE consultations.

Finding your own path begins with a brief online assessment that focuses on different aspects of life. It can help you identify those areas where you might be thriving or withering, blossoming or wilting, or just merely surviving. Using this information, you can see the larger picture of your life and focus personal growth efforts to cultivate a life that fully thrives and sustains thriving well into the future. After you’ve completed the assessment, schedule a FREE individual consultation with Certified Professional Coach Michael Patrick to see the personalized report — a snap shot of your life — chart your course.


Set up your FREE Pathway of Personal Growth VIDEO Consultation after camp!

Interested in finding your own pathway but don’t want to do it during camp? Take the assessment online and schedule a video conference at your convenience to discuss the results.

The Pathway of Personal Growth is a quick Likert survey that helped me see where I was in my life. Michael met with me personally to go over the report. He presented the data in a meaningful way that helped me to see where I was on the spectrum of my life. He then helped me find ways that I could move towards having thriving personal growth. His input was valuable because, while some items on the results I was aware of, others I was not. Michael helped me see a larger picture and how my life fit within it. I would recommend spending this time to anyone seeking a deeper meaning for his or her life. Michael is the one to guide you along.
— Dean C. from Pennsylvania

 Experience Even More.


The full range of additional Centered Presence, Ltd. Services are available upon request during the GNI Gathering.



 Contact Michael Patrick

Feel free to reach out if you’d like to know more!


About the Service Provider


Michael Patrick, LMT, KYT, CPC

As a Licensed Massage Therapist, Kripalu Yoga Teacher, Certified Professional Coach, former Scientist, and Gay Man, I bring all the gifts of who I am to my work. Driven by the desire to elevate others, my career initially spanned the biotech industry, interdisciplinary research and laboratory safety. Over the past decade, it evolved to wellness and now I work in my own well-being company, Centered Presence, Ltd. As a presenter, my workshops are characterized by elements of touch, intimacy, authenticity, embodiment, grounding, presence, spiritual practice and cultivation of inner awareness, which result in personal growth and empowered movement forward.