"I am an Oasis of Peace." My adventures at Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training


“I am an Oasis of Peace.”

It seems like a very audacious claim to make, but as one who practices yoga regularly, I am convinced that inner peace becomes readily abundant and becomes an oasis for those who seek it. The desire to elevate minds, bodies and spirits is what inspired me in late 2016 to begin the process of becoming a yoga teacher.

I am very pleased to announce that I completed my 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training! I graduated February 10, 2017 from the Kripalu School of Yoga. And it was an AWESOME, life-changing experience!

I opted for the “2x12” version of the training -- two 12-day sessions separated by a six week break. The break provided time to integrate the material learned during the first part. The second part synthesized and refined the material. The program was well-designed; each week introduced new learning objectives and included an opportunity to practice what was covered. The program culminated in my instruction of a full one-hour yoga class that I designed completely, including a theme (“embodiment”), breathing techniques, several yoga poses with transitions between them and final relaxation.


The typical daily schedule for the program was a 6 AM yoga class for 1.75 hr, breakfast, 3-hr lecture/posture clinic, 2-hr lunch break, another 2.5-hr lecture/posture clinic, and a 1.5-hr themed-yoga class followed by dinner. Evenings were a mixture of studying and/or self-care. The lectures were a blend of yoga philosophy, anatomy & physiology and other items related to completing the program. Posture clinics broke down yoga poses in minute detail; we practiced doing and teaching them to classmates. I would get up early each day (4:30 or 5:00 AM) to spend some time regrouping, attending to Centered Presence, Ltd. business matters and, on some days, doing more homework/preparation. I was in bed every night by 10 PM.

My teacher training class had 43 students, 7 of which were men. I note this because men are often under-represented in yoga. Men need yoga just as much as women do, and it helps for men to see other men practicing and teaching yoga. I am very proud to be in that group! We ranged in age from 18 to upper 60's from all over the country and even Canada.


After teaching my first full class, I was asked to create an affirmation for myself. Immediately out of my mouth leapt, “I am an oasis of peace!” I am humbled and honored to now be able to make this declaration as I embody my full identity as a Teacher of Kripalu Yoga!


Now I offer private classes, a Beginner’s Tutorial Program, a Kripalu Yoga Personal Growth Program, yoga workshops and at-home mini-retreats. Learn more about Centered Preesence, Ltd.’s yoga offerings and other services by visiting centeredpresence.com.

Jai Bhagwan!