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FREE WEBINAR - Mentoring

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This FREE WEBINAR is an interactive mentoring discussion with Centered Presence, Ltd. Founder Michael Patrick. Learn more about how I navigated moving through multiple and varied careers, and onto full-time self-employment. Ask questions and get real-life answers! This may be just the inspiration you need to forge your own way too.

Free Webinar! Mentoring

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Ever since I worked in an academic research lab, mentoring has been a part of my calling. I have been shaped by so many mentors and it is part of the cycle of life to keep the gifts circulating.

Join me in this FREE WEBINAR as an open forum about mentorship in wellness careers, personal growth and taking the leap into self-employment. This is an opportunity to ask questions and get real-life answers from my unique perspective. - Michael Patrick

Webinar is 7-8 PM Eastern Daylight Time

About the Host

Michael Patrick, LMT, KYT, CPC

Michael Patrick, LMT, KYT, CPC

As a Licensed Massage Therapist, Kripalu Yoga Teacher, Certified Professional Coach and former Scientist, I bring all the gifts of who I am to my work. Driven by the desire to elevate others, my career initially spanned the biotech industry, interdisciplinary research and laboratory safety. Over the past decade, it evolved to wellness and now I work in my own company, Centered Presence, Ltd. As a presenter, my workshops are characterized by elements of touch, intimacy, authenticity, embodiment, grounding, presence, spiritual practice and cultivation of inner awareness, which result in personal growth and empowered movement forward.